Haslop & Mason attends leading US industry show

Latest trends, unveiled at Chicago Automation Fair, brought back to South Africa

As premium electrical supplier in the Eastern Cape, Haslop & Mason attended the 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago - the leading trade show of its kind globally.

Heading overseas for the first time was PE-based sales account manager, Dewald le Roux, who described the event as "an experience of a lifetime".

The primary aim of attending the fair was to bring staff and customers in the Eastern Cape up to speed with the latest global industry trends.

"At Haslop & Mason we take great pride in our employees and invest a lot in their skills and expertise," managing member Kevin Dersley said.

"Sending employees to Chicago to boost their skills proves that we take our position as the region's premium electrical supplier seriously. We are committed to staying informed about what is happening and believe that it pays to invest in the best solutions, not only for our staff members but also, of course, our customers."

Le Roux said that the fair presented a great opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded professionals, and to learn how much the industry has changed over the years and to enhance skills.

"South Africa lags behind the rest of the world. Attending the fair is a good way of seeing what is happening first-hand and then adapting it for the South African market.

"In this way, we get South African customers on par far more quickly than we would otherwise have done, waiting for the information to filter through from, for example, Europe," he said.

Despite the fair's almost 20,000 delegates from all over the world, Le Roux said it was an honour that Rockwell representatives knew Haslop & Mason by name.

"That was a real honour. It was massive for a relatively small region like the Eastern Cape to be represented and acknowledged."