Haslop & Mason, Brady are First Choice for safety at dairy giant Woodlands

Haslop & Mason's relationship with Woodlands Dairy is a long-standing one and, together with Brady Corporation product specialists, they have been working continuously and successfully to raise the bar for safety and facility identification at Woodlands.

When it came to meeting industry safety standards, Kevin Dersley, owner of Haslop & Mason, explained that visible markers were an essential solution. "Whether these are floor markings or those on pipes or panels, they have to indicate what is in them, especially in the food and beverage industry."

The first step in the upgrading procedure, Dersley said, was to supply the dairy with hand-held Brady BMP21 printers to assist in labelling the facility - right down to identifying items on the electrical boards. Then monthly site visits (sometimes more often), in addition to a Brady roadshow, enabled management at Woodlands to ascertain which additional Brady products would be suitable to meet their specific needs.


Tamarin Ellis, Brady's area sales manager, noted that pipe marking had immediately piqued the interest of the Woodlands team. Once the decision was made about the type of pipe marking that would best suit the dairy, the artwork was created, approved and printed at the Brady head office in Johannesburg.

While labels were invaluable in any industry, H&M's manager for safety and automation, Eon van Vuuren, said they were absolutely essential when working with foods and beverages.

In a dairy environment in particular, Van Vuuren said, "labels on pipes have to be able to withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as being resistant to liquids. In addition, they need to be non-toxic."

Furthermore, the current coronavirus pandemic created additional labelling requirements, with all the Covid-19 health and safety compliance signage printed, according to national specifications, by Brady.

Feedback from the client has been really positive. Theo Oosthuizen, senior technician at Woodlands Dairy said, "This is a really good product. We have used other pipe markings in the past, but inevitably they faded." He indicated that he would definitely recommend using Brady products again in future.