Haslop & Mason bursary a dream come true for Aviwe

Future chef intends to pay it forward at end of her studies

A strong belief that it should also endeavour to nurture and develop skills beyond its immediate environment led to Haslop & Mason investing a substantial amount into helping an employee's spouse grow her own business.

Aviwe Maxamba was chosen as a recipient of one of the company's ongoing bursary schemes after staff members were asked to identify potential candidates.

The wife of sales team member Masixole Maxamba, Aviwe was already running a small catering concern from home before being awarded the bursary.

"We believe that empowering her in this way will give Aviwe the skills and confidence to grow her business, and offer support to others through employment and development of skills," Haslop & Mason Managing Member Kevin Dersley said.

Aviwe has enrolled at the Capsicum Culinary School in Port Elizabeth, and her bursary includes all study materials, equipment and clothing required for the course.

The funding is part of Haslop & Mason's commitment to supporting the community, particularly through the transformative power of education.

An excited Aviwe said she was grateful to her husband for having put her name forward, and to Haslop & Mason for awarding her the bursary.

"I have dreamt of becoming a chef for years," she said. "This is a dream come true and the opportunity of a lifetime. When I have finished the course at the end of the year, many doors will have opened up to me."

While Aviwe is open to working for other people, she would ideally like to expand her existing catering business by offering employment opportunities to others in her neighbourhood.

She said she was grateful to Capsicum for forming a WhatsApp group so that she and the rest of her class could continue their studies during the Covid-19 national lockdown.

"Life went on for us so that, when we could return to school, we were up-to-date. I put the downtime to good use," she said.