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Educational trip to leading US automation company reaps rewards

Despite leaving behind a busy year-end work schedule while on a fact-finding mission to the US, the benefit to Haslop & Mason's Eastern Cape customer base would be worth it.

Rockwell Automation, a New York Stock Exchange-listed company, is an industrial automation and information technology company which employs over 23,000 staff and has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. A Fortune 500 company, it reported fiscal year 2017 global sales at $6.3 billion, according to Wikipedia.

"We have been selling the Rockwell product for over two decades, so to see first-hand what it is all about and be exposed to new lines and upcoming technology was amazing. We also learnt a lot about service delivery and where Haslop & Mason fits in as a key distributor," he said.

During the visit to Rockwell's headquarters, Haslop & Mason were given the opportunity to look into the future by having a glimpse at product lines and being introduced to new technology offerings.

"We also had the chance to meet some of the engineers who move these new products forward."

Le Roux was joined on the trip, which also took in a visit to the Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago, by Haslop & Mason sales manager, Carlos Pedrosa.

Kevin Dersley, Haslop & Mason managing member, said visit to the Rockwell headquarters enhanced his team's understanding of the brand's products and where the electrical products industry was headed.

"Simply put, we are at the coalface of new technology. Enhancing our understanding of products helps us to access the new technology faster which, in turn, is a bonus for all our customers back in South Africa," Dersley said.