New US partnership for Haslop & Mason

Providing Industry 4.0 solutions that make financial sense

Haslop & Mason has forged a strong new partnership with US-based company Stratus Technologies.

Stratus Availability Solutions Architect Albertus Weber said Haslop & Mason was the company's preferred supplier in Port Elizabeth and, by extension, the entire Eastern Cape.

"Essentially, what we are bringing to Haslop is expertise in server infrastructure on a scale not previously available in the area, " Weber explained.

"What we are offering is more availability to businesses, helping them avoid costly downtime. Our aim of preventing downtime has been perfected to a fine art and, should it be necessary, we offer back-up support on a 24/7 basis."

The product is specially designed for customers who want to move into the Industry 4.0 era.

It is a joint effort between Stratus, Rockwell Automation and Haslop & Mason to provide solutions that make financial sense as customers transition from the traditional into the digital era.

"We provide server infrastructure," Weber said. "But unlike other providers, we offer absolute availability for the businesses' critical applications running on Stratus Fault Tolerant Servers.

"Also, we do this simply and cost-effectively."

Stratus Technologies is a global company based in the US, but is strengthening the operations of its Pretoria-based office by bringing in partners in the various provinces to help promote, sell and create awareness of the product.

Haslop & Mason managing member Kevin Dersley has worked closely with Weber for many years.

"When we were identified as a Stratus partner I was extremely excited," Dersley said.

"We can help them add value to the product and build their business away from the head office to benefit industrial automation as a whole."

He said the arrangement was mutually beneficial to both companies, and would save customers and end-users time and money.