Taking service to a new level

How Haslop & Mason account managers cement strong relationships with customers

Taking the extensive service they already offer to a new level, Haslop & Mason is placing the spotlight on team members who excel in their commitment to customers.

Outlining the reasons behind the initiative, sales manager Carlos Pedrosa said ASM's provided an important link between customers and the company.

"People like Eon give customers much-needed information on what's new, trending and developing in the marketplace," Pedrosa said.

"ASM's take our product range and customise solutions to best meet customers' current and future needs.

"Eon engages well with his customers and gains their trust early in the relationship. They know that he will give them 24/7 service and support.

"His dedication to customer satisfaction is evident as he engages with everyone necessary to ensure his customers are serviced with their orders on time.

"He also creates a vibrant atmosphere at the office."

Haslop & Mason managing member Kevin Dersley agreed Van Vuuren was very customer loyal.

"ASM's build relationships, while we as a company try to develop a long-term understanding of what customers need," he said. "If customers have more knowledge about our ASM's that cements stronger relationships."

Van Vuuren, who, like the other ASM's at Haslop & Mason, is an integral cog in the company's well-oiled team, said he loved his daily interaction with customers.

"It's what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning," he said.

"I am delighted to be part of this fast-growing company which stands out in the industry for its high morals and values. I was hungry to be part of that team.

"You spend 80% of your life at work, so you need to be happy.

"I am very happy to be part of a company led by an excellent management team."

Van Vuuren's portfolio includes Rockwell Automation's safety solutions and power management company Eaton Corporation's portfolio as a whole.

Like other ASM's his role is also to market Haslop & Mason, while offering products and solutions to the end user.

Born and bred in Port Elizabeth, his experience is very much hands-on, having entered the wholesale and electrical industry after completing matric.

Van Vuuren went on to gain product training qualifications through a number of courses before joining Haslop & Mason in 2010.

Married with a nine-year-old daughter, he is a golf fanatic who also loves fishing when time allows.