Why we believe in training and upskilling

Training is an important aspect of any new product offering and that is why Stratus and Rockwell Automation developed the Solution in a Box concept.

Solution in a Box offers a bundle of hardware and software for ease of development and installation, and helps make customers Industry 4.0 ready.

"We conducted a special training session at Haslop & Mason for system integrators who will take the Solution in a Box, install it and promote it to smaller customers who want to upgrade efficiency and cut costs," Stratus Availability Solutions Architect Albertus Weber said.

Haslop & Mason managing member Kevin Dersley added: "Simply put, the system integrator designs and installs the product to make our customers more efficient. They, in turn, benefit from a cost-effective and reliable solution.

"This is a solution that cuts down on design and installation costs, making our customers more competitive and allowing them to pass on savings to end users," Dersley said.

The recent training session was attended by system integrators as well as Haslop & Mason staff members, who have familiarised themselves with the product and are now fully able to pass that knowledge on to customers.